Sunday, September 27, 2009

Are Today's Vegetables Worthless?

Fruits and Vegetables are Now Weenies!

In 1936, a group of doctors sounded an alarm to the US Senate. It was a dire warning that the mineral content of the soil was eroding. Vegetables were losing their power and people were at risk. Congress did nothing and today we're feeling the effects.

Just look at the loss of vitamins and minerals in fruits and vegetables today compared to 1975.

* Apples: vitamin A is down 41%
* Sweet peppers: vitamin C is down 31%
* Watercress: iron is down 88%
* Broccoli: calcium and vitamin A are down 50%
* Cauliflower: vitamin C is down 45%; vitamin B1 is down 48%; and vitamin B2 is down 47%
* Collards greens: vitamin A is down 45%; potassium is down 60%; and magnesium is down 85%

These are the USDA's own numbers. The vitamin and mineral content of our fruits and vegetables has dramatically plummeted - in just 34 years!


Notice that minerals like iron and magnesium have dropped by more than 80 percent. That's from commercial farming and powerful fertilizers that practically sterilize the soil - leaving it with little to no mineral content.

If the soil doesn't have minerals, there's no way for vegetables to absorb them. And that leads to the big question…

How Can We Get the Vitamins and Minerals We Need?

My two Cents:
  • Regardless of where you live, plan and plant your own Vegetables.
  • Part of your Planting Plan should include Natural Organic Compost
Even if your space is limited use containers, borrow a plot form neighbor..
But get out there and Grow

Those readers who live in Northern California have the opportunity to secure Quality Organic Compost from Compost Solutions and their Garden Center distributors.

Making you own Compost is a relatively easy task for any size garden.

To assure our continued Health and Wealth, let's grow our own and again be sure we have BUILT our Soil to allow optimum benefit form our Fruits and vegetables

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Saturday, August 8, 2009

How to Grow Ambrosia Melons for Health and Wealth also

Yes we have always enjoyed Growing Tomatoes for Health and Wealth,
but the time in the Garden would be too short if we just did Tomatoes.

Melons, of Several Varieties, have always been part of our Crop plan.

Melon Patch 2009 Ambrosia and Crenshaw

When we had our 20 acre Truck Farm our Mix was Ambrosia Melons, Crenshaws,
Honey Dews Icebox Watermelons, and Charleston Grays. Since we sold on site
and to Local Farmer's Market, Chico California in the 1970's,we always favored
the easily Vine Ripened varieties, which most consumers don't see in the Supermarkets,
because they don't ship well.

A 1/2 acre of each would NET of several Thousands of dollars. And our Neighbors were Happy

Today we grow the varieties in a small patch of Garden area approximately 20x30, and we do use Trellises (we use Horse Panels 12' long 4 rail, because they are Sturdy and portable).
Our yield still exceeds our need and we "sell" the surplus ( usually $3-5 per melon) to anxious neighbors who don't have time to Garden.

I usually start planting seeds 1st week in April here in Orland California and also start a few Plant sets at same time for earlier yield (Mid-July). The Ambrosia is an 84 Day melon (2 1/2 months)

I put 2 plants (or six seeds) on a raised hill of Organic Compost mixed thoroughly with the already Rich, well drained soil. (cost $3.75)

For melons, I encourage finding a well drained piece of ground, with adequate Sun.
Al of the seed catlogs mention full sun, but I have good luck with 70-80% sun which helps cool in our HOT 100+ summer days.

I set up a simple drip nozzle to each Hill and that helps in monitoring the water usgae and keeps the Vine area Drym, and mitigates Fruit dampening and Rot on Maturing Fruit. (cost $7.98 and usable for several years)

The rest is easy, addition of Annie's Green Manure Tea ( I apply with watering can on the hills) and a few application of Calcinate (Calcium Nitrate)

With the Ambrosia Melons they are Determined ripe when they,
almost overnight, turn from a green netted Color to a beautiful golden tan and slip from vine at a touch. The melons to the right were harvested 08-08-09. These make this years total to nine with 2 dozen still on the vine. Market value at $4.00 each ($36.00) so far a nice return on my Less than $10.00 Investment. Can't count my TIME because that is part of my Day and Growth in Mental and Physical Health

I will report later on the Crenshaw Melon. They are a few weeks always from being Ready. We harvest then at Full Yellow Color. Many in the stores are picked early so the melon can be shipped. A vine ripe Crenshaw is all Yellow and has a very Short Shelf Life

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Updates and a Creative IDEA, Three Sisters Gardening Works...

Back to Posting Again

I am glad to be Back to Growing Tomatoes for Health and Wealth
It has been a few weeks since my last post.

Our 250 square foot Garden has been Sustaining us Very well the past month, with tomatoes just starting to ripen nicely in the past few days. We only planted 12 Tomatoes and have posted a Video update on Pruning.

Our method of Pruning is focused on Yield and not pretty Plants. We have always gardened with the thought of providing Produce for our total needs and that of our selected Restaurant customers.

Decided to Start (a Bit late) a Three Sister's Garden using Annie Haven's Manure Green tea as the nutrient Source. I have experienced excellent results so for this year with my Tomato and Crenshaw Melon applications.

Annie Haven is blessed with knowledge, passed down through her family, about How To enjoy Sustainable Gardening and Agriculture. I remember listening intently to her Uncle Archie Haven explain to me in the 1960's How to Grow Fabulous Sweet Corn and Tomatoes.

I would Highly recommend to anyone growing Veggies, Herbs and Flowers on the patio, or in the garden to order some of Annie's Tea. Using this unique All Natural Organic
Soil Conditioner/Fertilizer will increase your production

Order Some Today

It is Available in Larger quantities for the Serious Gardener. Just Give Annie a call

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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Pruning Tomatoes Revisited Again, 2009, Growing Tomatoes for Health and Wealth

Want to Grow Maximum Yield in you Tomato Garden?

A closer Look at Pruning your Tomato Plant for Optimum Yield. Pruning the superfluous Lateral branches forces Vigor to the New Budding and fruit set.

Our DVD following the 2008 season showing 24 tomato plants yielding 1,000 and earning $1,000 is still available
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