Sunday, August 17, 2008

More on Sustainability from the Small Plot garden

Mid August, 2008
Orland California 95963

The news keeps piling up about "recession" and rising Food Costs.
Example the Goshen News, Goshen, Indiana Article.

Based on my simple survey, our local Fresh Food cost
have edged a bit, but definitely not sending our Population
into a state of Malnutrition.

I did chuckle about a ludicrous report regarding
Poor University Students standing in line at the Local FOOD BANK
most chatting on Cell phones...

Get real youngsters!
Use your energy and grow a Community Garden,
instead of text messaging all day.

Other articles by the Talking Head Media seem to indicate another
crisis for the Populace.

There are more crucial price increases than food,
and if most would be willing
to forgo senseless activities that SUCK income,
instead spend very little money
and a bit of Health Time "Growing some Food",
they would not only feel better,
eat better and cheaper and have surplus
to sell or give away.

What are Cable and satellite cost compared to Food Increases ?
Cable and Satellite seem to be rising 5-7% with no end in
sight according to the
New York Times, today
July's report from the USDA shows Food with a 12 month rise of
4.2%, of course the more processed the food the higher the Rise...
wonder why?

What does all this have to do with Growing Tomatoes for Health and Wealth?

We have two small plots this year, one 25o square feet,
the other 300 square feet.
The Tomato Patch as recorded on Video has been
providing us with all we need,
plus Eggplant and earlier, red onions a 6 month
supply from 24 plants, and Broccoli
early spring for us and our neighbors

Out total expenses to date have been $147.00

Total cash Income $ $320.00
Donated Produce to Senior Center $175.00 (Market Value)
Value of Food consumed $196.00 based on weekly Market value.

Of course many will point to Time Spent has a Value.
You bet it does!

I have conducted INCOME GENERATING
seminars while Pruning,
Weeding and Irrigating.

And the exercise gained, at no Gym or Equipment costs,
has substantially added to my Overall Wellness.

But even forgetting those factors, My "time Card" shows about
8 hours a week in the garden since February..

My math comes up with:
192 hours
Earnings: $691
Expenses: $147
Net $ 544 Profit
or a little over $2.83 hour NET Profit ( so far)


Continue to join us on this Journey
Start your Fall Garden Now.
Containers can yield bushels!

Do your self a favor and Grow for Life..Yours!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Week 16 growing Tomatoes and a New Newsletter

Update, Growing Tomatoes for Health and Wealth
Chuck's Garden
Orland, California

Here it is the Third of August, 2008. I just Posted our latest Tomato video,
Week 16. I show the size of the plants and discuss the Production to date.


We have been enjoying luscious Tomatoes, Cucumbers,, Eggplant, Squash, Bell peppers
and Green beans for well over a month.

Here are a couple of pictures.

We had set this Tomato Patch up as a Marketing Business Model for the The Beginners Marketing Class Resource site. A "business plan was drawn, goals established and Action applied.

The Premise was:

24 plants would yield 1,000 pounds Tomatoes
Tomatoes would sell for $1.00 pound
Results: $1,000 Gross sales less expenses Budgeted $150
Profit $850
Plus the BENEFIT of Exercise and being outdoors after "work"

So far as of August 3, 2008:

Total harvest 208 pounds at total cash Sales $236.00

We have three good months of harvest...
Will we make it?

In all business ventures, if the Plan is good and action taken,
It is a SUCCESS!.

I am having a ball and my "middle" is diminishing!
Of course following my Friend, Scott Tousignant's Regimen.
Has not Hurt the "fitness angle"

Oh by the way, Scott's wife has a program just for the ladies....
Take a peek