Saturday, July 11, 2009

Updates and a Creative IDEA, Three Sisters Gardening Works...

Back to Posting Again

I am glad to be Back to Growing Tomatoes for Health and Wealth
It has been a few weeks since my last post.

Our 250 square foot Garden has been Sustaining us Very well the past month, with tomatoes just starting to ripen nicely in the past few days. We only planted 12 Tomatoes and have posted a Video update on Pruning.

Our method of Pruning is focused on Yield and not pretty Plants. We have always gardened with the thought of providing Produce for our total needs and that of our selected Restaurant customers.

Decided to Start (a Bit late) a Three Sister's Garden using Annie Haven's Manure Green tea as the nutrient Source. I have experienced excellent results so for this year with my Tomato and Crenshaw Melon applications.

Annie Haven is blessed with knowledge, passed down through her family, about How To enjoy Sustainable Gardening and Agriculture. I remember listening intently to her Uncle Archie Haven explain to me in the 1960's How to Grow Fabulous Sweet Corn and Tomatoes.

I would Highly recommend to anyone growing Veggies, Herbs and Flowers on the patio, or in the garden to order some of Annie's Tea. Using this unique All Natural Organic
Soil Conditioner/Fertilizer will increase your production

Order Some Today

It is Available in Larger quantities for the Serious Gardener. Just Give Annie a call

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