Wednesday, January 21, 2009

2008 Growing Tomatoes for Health and Wealth was a Success

Growing Tomatoes for Health and Wealth 2008

Well the results are In, Our 2008 Growing Tomatoes for Health and Wealth finished, as expected.

9 plants "quit" producing on me mid August, combination of Heat units and the surrounding soil. Should have piled more Shavings around to Insulate. But I am still pleased with the overall performance in relation to the Original stated Premise of 1,000 pound Yield from 24 Plants

The Stupice Plants were amazing. The two plants yielded in excess of Hundred Pounds and Vines were over 8' They also produce into December, ending with the first Hard freeze before

Stupice: 55-60 days, Indeterminate, red,
small fruit, potato leaf

Czechoslovakian Heirloom- One of the better early tomatoes
with darn good flavor for fresh snacking and salads

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The Ace Plants didn't get the Size as expected but I was very satisfied on Fruit Size and yield and the Early Girl were as always, vigorous growth and heavy Fruit set. I always liked the Flavor of Early Girl
Here are few Photos of the early, Stupice and Ace fruit set in June

As discussed and Shown on tour DVD, I prune heavily throughout the season and usually remove first flower set. I enjoyed conversation with the wonderful Members of So many of them are avid Heirloom Tomato Growers and are not as interested in Yield as much as the Quality of each Fruit.

This project was initiated as a Business Model for our Business Development Community Beginners Marketing Class So the necessary Business Plan, Budget and Goals were set and Massive Action applied.

Some final paper work before the Unveiling of the Final product.

Now for the Real Excitement. I have Video recorded the Progress of this Experiment on a weekly basis through the Growing Season. Sections are available on the Video Sites here on the Net, but we edited and Produced a high Quality DVD seamlessly following the progress.

It is now available shipped to Your Door for less than than the Price a of a Family Pizza,and I promise no Heartburn.

Start to Enjoy Fresh Tomatoes, more time Outdoors and Healthy Exercise, and of course, a few Extra dollars in your FUN Stash.

These 24 plants were in less than 250 square Feet.

Plan Now to enjoy a Fun-Filled 2009