Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Earth Friendly Eating

Everyone seems to be Pointing Green.
Green is Good.

Except we like our Tomatoes RED.

This blog has been featuring the concept of
Growing your Own for Health and Wealth,
and the way our current Economic conditions are pointing,
The Home Garden will be a huge Topic this coming Spring.
In fact, now is the time to PLAN for your Abundant harvest.
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Along the same Lines I wanted to share this great article in
October Issue of one of my Favorite periodicals for the past 60 years.

From Readers' Digest
Article by Janis Graham

Earth-Friendly Eating

What's good for your body turns out to be good for the environment. Substitute chicken, fish or vegetables for Red Meat and Dairy just one day a week, and your family of four will eliminate the green house gases produced by a 760-mile car trip, say researchers from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, who studied the impact of dozens of foods.

Other Ways ( that make more sense to me) to do your Part

Buy Local and Fresh Hooray!!!
Local isn't better if the food is stored for long periods of time (inane statement, who is going to store Local Produce?) Fresh-picked fare not only avoids long trips in fume-spewing trucks, planes and boats, but is also packs more nutrients and requires no preservatives. (that makes sense to this old veggie farmer)

Choose sun-ripened Fruits and vegetables
They generate fewer emissions than produce raised in heated Greenhouse.
(well, the plants don't create more emissions the Green house does from it's Heating source) Find out what is season in your area
Cut back on Processed Foods Hooray again!
A lot of mileage goes into foods with artificial sweetners, additives and preservatives because these ingredients are often shipped to the manufacturer from other locations. (more important is the faxct they just don't taste as GOOD and are not as GOOD for YOU)

Well, the Reader's Digest shared some powerful Information. More reasionds to
plan and plant your Garden this coming year. and if you are in Mild climate NOW, get those cole crops and onions and Greens in the ground and Enjoy the Health and Wealth of a successful garden.

Very soon, within weeks form this date 11-12-2008 I wil be releasing
an Excitinfg DVD showing you HOW TO Grow Tomatoes for Health and Wealth
Drop me an Email
or leave a Commentt. They will make DANDY Christmas presents
Follow a successful 24 plant from planting to final harvest and
see the Production and Income.

If you can't wait for more Info, call me
530-798-0245 Days Pacific

Friday, September 5, 2008

LycoRed Tomato Extract gets US Heart Health patent

Israel-based LycoRed has received a US patent for the atherosclerosis-inhibiting properties of its tomato extract, which the firm says adds to the network of support for its ingredient’s heart health benefits.

The patent (US 7,351,746 B2) is based on research conducted on phytoene and phytofluene, which are carotenoids found in natural tomato extract.

According to the company’s vice president of new product development and scientific affairs, Dr Zohar Nir, this research has demonstrated phytoene and phytofluene block the progression of atherosclerosis by inhibiting the deposition of plaque from oxidized LDL-cholesterol.

This effect was demonstrated through in vitro tests on the two compounds alone, together, and in combination with other natural tomato extract carotenoids, he said.

Dr Nir explained that although the patent was “significant” in protecting the company’s intellectual property, this particular sector of heart health is not one that the company will focus on for the time being.

WELL isn't this just another Great reason to GROW YOUR own Tomatoes, Eat them regularly and be sure you put up TONS of Sauce.

There has been a controversy for quite a while about the "Health Benefits" of Lycopene and Tomatoes. It now seems the esteemed is at least recognizing the possible Benefits of Lycopene and Tomatoes. A spokesman for Lyco-Red, Dr Zohar Nir, feels the firm is working toward receiving botanical drug status for its product. This, he explained, would be “an official endorsement from FDA (the US Food and Drug Administration) of the efficacy of the product”, and would help promote the product’s success in the dietary supplement and functional food fields.

This will be great...

But those of us who enjoy Growing Tomatoes for Health and Wealth already knew the benefits and can feel more assured of the Economy of Involving in Sustainable Gardening
Improve our Health through Diet and Exercise, and enjoy the cash flow of selling the surplus.

Catch my Friend Gene's Blog about his production from Straw Bale Tomato Gardening

Sunday, August 17, 2008

More on Sustainability from the Small Plot garden

Mid August, 2008
Orland California 95963

The news keeps piling up about "recession" and rising Food Costs.
Example the Goshen News, Goshen, Indiana Article.

Based on my simple survey, our local Fresh Food cost
have edged a bit, but definitely not sending our Population
into a state of Malnutrition.

I did chuckle about a ludicrous report regarding
Poor University Students standing in line at the Local FOOD BANK
most chatting on Cell phones...

Get real youngsters!
Use your energy and grow a Community Garden,
instead of text messaging all day.

Other articles by the Talking Head Media seem to indicate another
crisis for the Populace.

There are more crucial price increases than food,
and if most would be willing
to forgo senseless activities that SUCK income,
instead spend very little money
and a bit of Health Time "Growing some Food",
they would not only feel better,
eat better and cheaper and have surplus
to sell or give away.

What are Cable and satellite cost compared to Food Increases ?
Cable and Satellite seem to be rising 5-7% with no end in
sight according to the
New York Times, today
July's report from the USDA shows Food with a 12 month rise of
4.2%, of course the more processed the food the higher the Rise...
wonder why?

What does all this have to do with Growing Tomatoes for Health and Wealth?

We have two small plots this year, one 25o square feet,
the other 300 square feet.
The Tomato Patch as recorded on Video has been
providing us with all we need,
plus Eggplant and earlier, red onions a 6 month
supply from 24 plants, and Broccoli
early spring for us and our neighbors

Out total expenses to date have been $147.00

Total cash Income $ $320.00
Donated Produce to Senior Center $175.00 (Market Value)
Value of Food consumed $196.00 based on weekly Market value.

Of course many will point to Time Spent has a Value.
You bet it does!

I have conducted INCOME GENERATING
seminars while Pruning,
Weeding and Irrigating.

And the exercise gained, at no Gym or Equipment costs,
has substantially added to my Overall Wellness.

But even forgetting those factors, My "time Card" shows about
8 hours a week in the garden since February..

My math comes up with:
192 hours
Earnings: $691
Expenses: $147
Net $ 544 Profit
or a little over $2.83 hour NET Profit ( so far)


Continue to join us on this Journey
Start your Fall Garden Now.
Containers can yield bushels!

Do your self a favor and Grow for Life..Yours!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Week 16 growing Tomatoes and a New Newsletter

Update, Growing Tomatoes for Health and Wealth
Chuck's Garden
Orland, California

Here it is the Third of August, 2008. I just Posted our latest Tomato video,
Week 16. I show the size of the plants and discuss the Production to date.


We have been enjoying luscious Tomatoes, Cucumbers,, Eggplant, Squash, Bell peppers
and Green beans for well over a month.

Here are a couple of pictures.

We had set this Tomato Patch up as a Marketing Business Model for the The Beginners Marketing Class Resource site. A "business plan was drawn, goals established and Action applied.

The Premise was:

24 plants would yield 1,000 pounds Tomatoes
Tomatoes would sell for $1.00 pound
Results: $1,000 Gross sales less expenses Budgeted $150
Profit $850
Plus the BENEFIT of Exercise and being outdoors after "work"

So far as of August 3, 2008:

Total harvest 208 pounds at total cash Sales $236.00

We have three good months of harvest...
Will we make it?

In all business ventures, if the Plan is good and action taken,
It is a SUCCESS!.

I am having a ball and my "middle" is diminishing!
Of course following my Friend, Scott Tousignant's Regimen.
Has not Hurt the "fitness angle"

Oh by the way, Scott's wife has a program just for the ladies....
Take a peek

Friday, July 11, 2008

Well, where is the Health and Wealth from Growing Tomatoes?

Where are We, Half way through?

This Blog was started in order to share with everyone the Business Plan Experiment I created early in 2008. Being deeply involved in the dynamic Resource Membership Community, Beginners Marketing Class,

I wanted to show the members anything that we have a passion for and enjoy can be developed into a Wealth and Health Benefit. Creating and Implementing a Sideline or Full-time Business is FUN and rewarding on many fronts.

We have discussed the original premise of 24 well tended Tomato Plants could be expected to yield 50 # per plant during the Northern California usual growing season. And we could expect to sell the Tomatoes locally for at least $1.00 a pound, therefor the little garden ( approx 360 sq ft) could produce a Gross Income of $1,000

Writing down the objective and date to finish, drawing up a plan of action and budget projections area necessity to keep the Focus. We budgeted $140. Here is recap of Cash Flow Chart to 07-11-08

In July I found out my "competitor", a fruit stand on the other side of Town, is getting $2.50 per pound for his "slicer" Tomatoes, so being a Market driven entrepreneur I raised my Prices to$1.75, and Green Beans to $1.75. No loss of sales.

Tomatoes for Health & Wealth Cash Flow Projection

Projected Actual Projected Actual

Expense Expense Income Income
Tie Posts $30.00 $32.78 $1,000.00 $48.00 June
Tie Twine $20.00 $10.75

Fertilizer $35.00 $22.89

Irrigation equip $35.00 $21.75

Extra plants $20.00


Total $140.00 $88.17 $1,000.00 $48.00

Time Budget Actual


March 2 hrs 2.5

April 6 hrs 6

May 6 hrs 9.5

June 6 hrs 11

July 6 hrs

August 6 hrs

Sept 6 hrs

October 6 hrs

Nov 5 hrs

49 29

The next item regarding the Health Aspects of Growing Tomatoes on a small plot will addressed in the next post.

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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Yes, Sustainability from Small Plots is Reality!

Hello again from Orland, California.
We are experiencing typical first of July weather,
100 degree days and high 60's at night.

But our Tomatoes are rapidly coming to ripe.
I am picking in the morning and then more in the evening.

Yes, 24 Tomato plants are producing plenty for our needs and
my neighbors are enjoying the purchase of Fresh Quality Vine-ripe
Tomatoes at Market price.
Harvest today July 6, 2008 to the right
So far since June 22, 2008 we have harvested over 50 pounds for a total Gross Income of $35.
But that is along with our green beans, eggplant, cucumbers and red onions harvested and providing us Fresh wholesome Vegetable portion in our daily Diet, and generating some more cash flow to offset our costs and adding to our "gardening expansion budget"

Can everyone enjoy this healthy exercise, have fun and eat better?

Yes, if you put your mind to it.

I was excited to find the following Video by a a kindred spirit, who never really lost the faith and is in CONTROL of the health and wealth of his family.

There is so much negativity and gloom and doom about Financial conditions...

But we all can make a dent in our own Budgets by taking action and learning to become more self sufficient and Gardening is a perfect way, be it a patio Garden, a complete yard as the Dervaes experience in Pasadena Ca, or larger plots as we use.

The results are not measure in largess but in the fact it is being done. Most can save well over $1,000 a year having fun in the garden.

Watch their Video and get of your Duff and Have FUN!

Grab any of the book on the right, read them and Plan your Fall garden Today.
Take a moment and visit the Progress of our

Garden behind  the Barn

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Lycopene show up again as Major Wellness Asset

There has been controversy about the real effects of Lycopene and Wellness issues such as Cancer and other diseases.

Here is recent article on some new Findings
Found in the July 3, 2008 issue of

Lycopene as effective as statins for artery health: rabbit study
By Stephen Daniells

03-Jul-2008 - Supplements of the lycopene, the carotenoid that give tomatoes their red colour, may be as effective as statins to reduce the formation of plaques in the arteries that cause atherosclerosis, says a new study with rabbits.

If the results of the study, published in the journal Nutrition, can be repeated in humans, they will add to a significant body of research supporting the potential heart health benefits of lycopene, predominantly associated with benefits for prostate health.

Lycopene is an antioxidant that is present in red- and pink-coloured fruits and vegetables. As well as being used as a food colouring, it is also used in supplements. The role of lycopene in heart health and in reducing the risk of certain cancers is supported by a body of research.

Min-Yu Hu and co-workers from the Central South University in Changsha, China divided 40 male adult rabbits into five equal groups to consume a standard diet, a high-fat diet, a high-fat diet plus 4 or 12mg per kg of lycopene, or the high-fat diet plus 10mg per kg of fluvastatin. The animals consumed the diets for eight weeks.

The researchers used a relatively high dose of lycopene (4 and 12 mg/kg of body weight) because rabbits reportedly do not absorb the nutrient efficiently. These doses produced blood levels of the carotenoid of 0.19 and 0.24 moles per litre, respectively.

"This corresponds to low plasma levels of lycopene in humans who may achieve five-fold higher levels already with the intake of only 0.3 mg/kg of body weight," explained the authors.

At the end of the study, the animals fed only the high-fat diet had higher levels of total and LDL cholesterol, triacylglycerols, oxidised low-density lipoprotein, malonaldehyde, and interleukin-1 than animals fed the standard diet.

However, animals fed the high-fat diet and supplemented with lycopene or fluvastatin had improved levels of these biomarkers, and the lycopene of both doses was better than the statin.

"The results of our experiment in the high-fat diet rabbit model showed that lycopene and fluvastatin lowered serum levels of total cholesterol and LDL-cholesterol, improved lipid metabolism, and reduced the amount of triacylglycerols," wrote the authors.

"Lycopene intervention reduced the increase in ox-LDL levels in rabbits on the high-fat diet, whereas fluvastatin did not show such an effect. The cause of this difference is at present not known, although the result speaks in favour of lycopene," they added.

"These findings provide a theoretical rationale for the use of lycopene as a preventive in atherosclerosis," they concluded.

Atherosclerosis, or hardening of the arteries, is a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease (CVD), which causes almost 50 per cent of deaths in Europe, and is reported to cost the EU economy about €169bn ($202bn) per year.

Source: Nutrition
Published online ahead of print, 30 June 2008, doi: 10.1016/j.nut.2008.05.006
"Comparison of lycopene and fluvastatin effects on atherosclerosis induced by a high-fat diet in rabbits"
Authors: M.-Y. Hu, Y.-L. Li, C.-H. Jiang, Z.-Q. Liu, S.-L. Qu, Y.-M. Huang

Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Tomatoes are Ripeneing and the Piggy Bank is Growing

We have Color and Harvest.....
It is a start

Well it was 88 days since planting the Stupice and Early Girl varieties.

That time lag may bother some who are used to 65-70 day Early Girls, but remember I prune heavily on the bottom set so I give up the first set of fruit.

The following video will show our pruning methods.

Our "harvest" so far has yielded just under 10 pounds. That is far cry from our Thousand Pound Goal, but we have a long season coming. But the 8.25 pounds have generated a whopping $5.00.

Shirley said we had to eat the first couple pounds ourselves.

Growing Tomatoes for Health and Wealth is getting to be a good project. I love the activity and we are generating a lot of interest in a customer base for the tomatoes

The Garden Behind the Barn has generated a great Harvest and also provided and is providing cash flow. We harvested about 15 # of spinach on a small bed about 10' feet long. Besides what we ate our Neighbor begged for a supply and we sold a total of $15.00, not bad from a $1.79 seed investment. We will plant spinach back in September for some fall Spinach.

And as the Tomato Video shows, we set out about 24 Red onion sets in January and out yield was
over 35#

Our KY Pole Beans are yielding about 3# a day and easy to sell at $1.75 per pound. So far besides what we ate and are eating we grossed about $20.00. Seed cost and Trellis $13.50. We should harvest another 60-70 pounds before we get too hot and the beans quit blooming.

We will plant some Bush beans in September again for a fall crop.

Th point here is almost anyone with a small patch of ground, or a patio, can spend some time relaxing time after their hectic Business life and grow some nutritional food and possible "market" the surplus.

If you would like more detailed ideas about these concepts, may I recommend

A couple of Books from the Mittleider System.

Six steps to Successful Gardening is a must for anyone's Library

And of course as a great companion, add Mittleider's Let's Grow Tomatoes

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

More on the Economy of the Garden.....Getting Healthier and Wealthier

What makes more Sense?

Spend a little Money, Quality Healthy
exercise, or Work more Hours to Trade Dollars for food products,
you have no control over?

With the rapidly changing economic conditions here
in the US and Globally for that matter,
many are having to re-evaluate their Time
and Financial Priorities.

Regardless of your "living Style" or property arrangement,
almost everyone can
successfully improve their Health and "Wealth"
by getting involved in
GROWING some or all of their
Fresh Vegetable and Fruit requirements.

There are tons of resources available for those
who live Condominiums
and Apartments, with only "patio"
or Courtyard availability.

Check out these links :

Vegetable Gardening in Containers
excellent article by
Sam Cotner, Extension Horticulturist, Texas A&M

Here is another Good article by
John Jett
WVU Extension Service
Extension Specialist-horticultural

More Container Gardening

For those blessed with a bit more usable Square Footage, larger Gardens,
(300-1,000 square feet) can produce a just about all need for a family during
the seasons, and leave some to sell to recover cost and in many cases, yield a PROFIT.

Our tomato experiment this year, with the Goal of a Thousand Pound yield of marketable Tomatoes will be interesting to Follow. The premise is based on 24 Plants, on approximately 300 square feet of gravelly soil. We had broccoli and onion planted earlier, now Harvested for Positive Cash Flow.

It is very easy to market our Tomatoes for $1.00 a pound to local restaurants
and individuals who are too busy too plant their Own, which should net close to $1,000.
We are not talking retirement here just "fun Money"

The Baby Boomers in the US are constantly seeking avenues of Better Lifestyle, More Income and a Healthier Existence and Gardening on a small scale can provide all of the above. 100 well tended tomato plants will require about a hour a day through the season on average and can be easily a $3,000 top $4,000 BONUS for having the Fun and getting Healthier

Tomato plant on the right, planted 03-22-08, has 37 set fruit which should mature to average 4 ounces each. The blossom above this set a re heavy. Picture taken 06-11-08

The most important benefit of this "Business Plan" is the Wellness aspect of being "off my duff" and out in the garden, bending over hand weeding, tieing, shaping and pruning the Tomatoes.

Check out the Video Journal of this experiment at;

Growing Tomatoes for Health and Wealth

And don't forget to visit our Sponsor links around the site.

The Hydrangea offer from Wayside Gardens is Awesome!

Wayside Gardens monthly

This is the Time for Action...The Sky is not Falling

Economy Makes Seeds Explode
Headline Chico ER, May 26th, 2008
Ellen Simon
AP Business writer

"High prices at the pump and the produce aisle have sent the HOME Gardeners to their yards with a mission: grow-it-yourself dining. Sales of vegetable seeds, tomato transplants and fruit trees are soaring as enterprising planters seek to grow their own food."
This isn't anything new to our household and many thousands of other Avid gardeners.

I just Posted a new video following our Tomato For Profit Business Model, which included the harvest of Red Onions yesterday. we had $3.00 and a few hours invested in 24 onion sets and yielded 41 pounds of beautiful naturally grown "Sacramento Reds" Current retail value is $.89 per pound locally, which yielded a $ 33 ROI, not to mention the quality freshness and the health benefits of getting outside and "tending the Garden"

Compound these little bits and it isn't hard to find yourself saving a bundle, which helps offset the "rising" cost. We are actually looking forward to $1,000 added income this year form our Tomato Plantings. I feel better working outside and along with my Vitamin regimen, I am better than before my Coronary.

Check out yesterday's progress Video and the Red Onion Harvest.

Check out the wonderful catalogs to your right, it is not too late in the season to get something done outside, on the patio. Be creative with container gardening.

Just do and the "bad news of the economy" will be easier to handle.

It has been working for us for 30 years or more.
Garden for the Health and Wealth

Wayside Gardens

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Tomatoes are Thriving, Google is a disappointment, Gardening is Wonderful

Saturday, last day of May 2008.

Posted some good stats today over at the number one Tomato Forum,

Two 2 of my Heirloom Stupice variety have total of 26 set fruit on first level, with great Blossom on second level.

These and the Early Girls were planted March 22, 2008. the Early Girl, 9 plants , have 63 nice tomatoes set.

And the Ace variety, planted March 29th, have 59 fruit on the first level on 12 plants.

I was disappointed to wake up and find my Video series on You Tube disabled and have been unable to find out why. Well "a little rain must Fall", but there is always a silver lining.

I found a new medium and the picture seem to reproduce with better quality.
Stop by the Play-list, watch all the progress and comment. I love constructive dialog.

Visit Growing Tomatoes for Health and Wealth Video Series

While you are in a traveling mode, please visit a Neighbor's Blog, from right here in Orland, California.

Her story is really fun and so true for so many moving to the Country. It is a great life, but one need s to adjust. By the way, her pure Virgin Olive Oil is to die for, and she will be offering roasted Almonds and Almond Butter direct from her ranch real soon. Olive Oil available NOW.

Stop by and visit Walsh Family Orchards Blog and share in her farming odyssey.

Funny how any of us with a bit of Dream, Ambition and Energy can convert a Passion into Income. Yolanda is following the guidelines established in Beginners Marketing Class

This membership Community has helped many enjoy a smoother Sail on their Voyage to Success.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Why do we Grow Tomatoes and enjoy Them...Smart I quess

Health benefits: A tomato can help keep skin looking youthful, according to a new study

This is taken from an article posted in the Daily Mail in the UK

Interesting Premise and another Reason to Grow, Eat and Sell More Tomatoes

At this rate, scientists will have to come up with a better description for the tomato than mere 'superfood'.

While it has long been credited with cutting cholesterol and preventing some cancers, the fruit now appears to have two more health giving benefits.

Protection against sunburn and helping keep the skin looking youthful are the latest pluses, a study has found.

Professor Mark Birch-Machin said tomatoes could provide a cheap and easy way of improving health.

"I went into the study as a skeptic," he added. "But I was quite surprised with the significance of the findings."

Researchers at Manchester and Newcastle universities recommend two tomato-based meals a day for optimum health.

Possible menus include a glass of tomato juice with breakfast and a salad later or tomato soup for lunch and pasta with a tomato sauce for dinner.

To test the fruit's ability to protect the skin, ten volunteers were asked to eat five tablespoons of tomato paste mixed with olive oil every day for three months.

Another ten had a daily dose of olive oil - minus the tomato paste.

Tests using ultra-violet lamps showed the tomato-eaters were a third better protected against sunburn at the end of the study than at the start, the British Society for Investigative Dermatology's annual conference heard.

Other tests suggested the tomato-based diet had boosted production of collagen, the protein that keeps skin supple.

If that were not enough, the fruit also protects our mitochondria - the elements of cells which turn the food we eat into energy.

Professor Birch-Machin, of Newcastle University, said: "Being kind to our mitochondria is likely to contribute to improved skin health, which in turn may have an anti-ageing effect."

The researchers stressed, however, that their findings were not an excuse to throw away the suncream. Professor Lesley Rhodes, a Manchester University dermatologist, said: "People should not think tomatoes in any way can replace suncreams but they may be a good additive.

"If you can improve your protection through your diet then over several years this may have a significant effect."

She added: "These weren't huge amounts we were feeding the group. It was the sort of quantity you could easily manage by eating a lot of tomato-based meals."

The fruit's benefits are credited to lycopene, the pigment behind its distinctive red skin.

Lycopene, a powerful antioxidant capable of mopping up free radicals - the harmful molecules linked to cancer - is made easier for the body to absorb when tomatoes are cooked or processed.

You can also add massive Antioxidants to your System with three ounces of Mangosteen Juice daily

Stop by and visit Our Video Series

Last year I re-entered the gardening world with a 3 Tomato Plant experiment.

I got the "bug" again and this year we are growing 24 plants
to follow a Business Plan,
as outlined in Beginners Marketing Class.

But it looks like total immersion back into the World of
Gardening for Fun and Profit.

Visit our Complete Video Series at
Yahoo Video

Here is my latest Video:

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Friday, May 23, 2008

Growing is a Continuous Process, be it Tomatoes or a Business

It is hard to believe that I have embarked on this wonderful "new" Journey of getting back on course of Growing Delicious Fresh Fruits and vegetables after a 20 year Hiatus.

I vividly remember my First Garden in Downey, California,1951. We were blessed with 1/4 acre lot and Dad said I could have the back portion. I planted everything so neatly and would tend it daily after my Paper Route, school and Mowing Lawns for the neighbors.

There was an Irrigation Stand Pipe in the Corner and I sit on that and "watch" the crops Grow.
Can't forget the day I sat there and watched a gopher very quickly "suck" one of my best Tomato Plants right into the Ground. So much for Sharing Space with Pests!

That opportunity to manage a Garden stayed in my mind and not too long after receiving my degree in 1964 in Invertebrate Zoology, I found myself starting to Farm vegetables in the lush Coachella Valley, along with working with my associates at Rincon Insectary

Everett J. "Deke" Dietrick, we were pioneering The Biological Control of Insect Pests Commercially and for the backyard gardener.

Leaving the valley saw my Lifestyle change to be involved in Direct Marketing Financial Products and other varied Ventures.

But in 1976 I moved to a small Northern California Town and started Truck farming again., I met my wife Shirley and we raised a wonderful Family on our 20 Acres on Vegetables. But just like the "gopher" who stole my Tomato plant, we had to re-adjust and pursue other Income sources.

Always involved in Marketing, I developed a nice Consulting business, and then we helped others design and build Horse Facilities........

And NOW back to the soil for Fun and Profit