Sunday, July 6, 2008

Yes, Sustainability from Small Plots is Reality!

Hello again from Orland, California.
We are experiencing typical first of July weather,
100 degree days and high 60's at night.

But our Tomatoes are rapidly coming to ripe.
I am picking in the morning and then more in the evening.

Yes, 24 Tomato plants are producing plenty for our needs and
my neighbors are enjoying the purchase of Fresh Quality Vine-ripe
Tomatoes at Market price.
Harvest today July 6, 2008 to the right
So far since June 22, 2008 we have harvested over 50 pounds for a total Gross Income of $35.
But that is along with our green beans, eggplant, cucumbers and red onions harvested and providing us Fresh wholesome Vegetable portion in our daily Diet, and generating some more cash flow to offset our costs and adding to our "gardening expansion budget"

Can everyone enjoy this healthy exercise, have fun and eat better?

Yes, if you put your mind to it.

I was excited to find the following Video by a a kindred spirit, who never really lost the faith and is in CONTROL of the health and wealth of his family.

There is so much negativity and gloom and doom about Financial conditions...

But we all can make a dent in our own Budgets by taking action and learning to become more self sufficient and Gardening is a perfect way, be it a patio Garden, a complete yard as the Dervaes experience in Pasadena Ca, or larger plots as we use.

The results are not measure in largess but in the fact it is being done. Most can save well over $1,000 a year having fun in the garden.

Watch their Video and get of your Duff and Have FUN!

Grab any of the book on the right, read them and Plan your Fall garden Today.
Take a moment and visit the Progress of our

Garden behind  the Barn


Niki Jolene said...

Our patio pots are just starting to produce and we are excited. This is the first year we've done tomatoes in pots, so we are crossing our fingers!


Nice blog you have here.

Chuck Bartok said...

Thank you for the Commnet Niki.

Remeber to monitor Water carefully.
In pots it can be tricky.
Too much no good.
You want to but a touch of stress at Blossom set.
And look for some organic Fertilizer with some Calcium for striong set and healthy Fruit

Amy said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog :)

You've got an interesting site here. My husband and I have talked about market gardening someday, but for now we're complete beginners at growing veggies. I've been reading the Dervaes family blog for almost two years - they're the inspiration behind our food growing attempts :)

Chuck Bartok said...


Thanks you for the compliment. Grwoing a "market" garden does not have to be a formidable task. Find a "niche" crop. preferably a short season type and plant several varieties.
At one timne I was a Very large volume Radish grower. 10 Acres a day harvest. But we made a killing on small patch of "exotic Varities"

Using radishes as example:
1 acre (42,000 sq ft) yield 3,500 Dozen bunches, and they priduce in a bout 28 days.
You be be amazed whatcan be harvested from a small plot over and over, plant a few rows each week.

There are many other "odd ball" Niche crops that can establish your Market Place
Call anytime days

P.S. many of the books referenced at right are helpful