Sunday, September 27, 2009

Are Today's Vegetables Worthless?

Fruits and Vegetables are Now Weenies!

In 1936, a group of doctors sounded an alarm to the US Senate. It was a dire warning that the mineral content of the soil was eroding. Vegetables were losing their power and people were at risk. Congress did nothing and today we're feeling the effects.

Just look at the loss of vitamins and minerals in fruits and vegetables today compared to 1975.

* Apples: vitamin A is down 41%
* Sweet peppers: vitamin C is down 31%
* Watercress: iron is down 88%
* Broccoli: calcium and vitamin A are down 50%
* Cauliflower: vitamin C is down 45%; vitamin B1 is down 48%; and vitamin B2 is down 47%
* Collards greens: vitamin A is down 45%; potassium is down 60%; and magnesium is down 85%

These are the USDA's own numbers. The vitamin and mineral content of our fruits and vegetables has dramatically plummeted - in just 34 years!


Notice that minerals like iron and magnesium have dropped by more than 80 percent. That's from commercial farming and powerful fertilizers that practically sterilize the soil - leaving it with little to no mineral content.

If the soil doesn't have minerals, there's no way for vegetables to absorb them. And that leads to the big question…

How Can We Get the Vitamins and Minerals We Need?

My two Cents:
  • Regardless of where you live, plan and plant your own Vegetables.
  • Part of your Planting Plan should include Natural Organic Compost
Even if your space is limited use containers, borrow a plot form neighbor..
But get out there and Grow

Those readers who live in Northern California have the opportunity to secure Quality Organic Compost from Compost Solutions and their Garden Center distributors.

Making you own Compost is a relatively easy task for any size garden.

To assure our continued Health and Wealth, let's grow our own and again be sure we have BUILT our Soil to allow optimum benefit form our Fruits and vegetables

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Sanjay Kumar Negi said...

the green vegetable are very good to be healthy , they keep our mind healthy and fit.

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Unknown said...

I`ve been hearing about these soil issues and now I know it is as bad as I tought,thanks for raising awareness on this Chuck.

Unknown said...

It amazing! The green vegetable are very good to be healthy, they keep our mind healthy and fit...
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